We all want to enjoy skiing and enjoy it to the fullest, especially without accidents. But as with most sports, there are risks. The more careful and responsible you are on the slopes, the lower the risk of accidents. To this end, the FIS, the International Ski Federation, has drawn up 10 rules for the slopes, which every skier, snowboarder but also other people who might be on the slopes (cross-country skiers, snowshoe hikers) must know and also observe. Anyone who violates them and causes an accident as a result must reckon with civil or even criminal consequences.

Mandatory helmet use

In the provinces of Carinthia, Salzburg, Upper Austria, Styria, Lower Austria, Burgenland and Vienna, ski helmets are compulsory! However, this legal ski helmet obligation for skiing and snowboarding only applies to children and young people up to 14 years of age. In general, all adult winter sports enthusiasts are strongly recommended to wear a helmet.