Disc golf is a new trend sport and leisure activity! A disc golf course has been set up in front of the Herzl Hut on the Zirbenhang. Using Frisbee discs specially developed for this sport, you have to hit a basket - similar to basketball. You throw from a starting point and the aim is to sink the disc in as few throws as possible. You quickly get the hang of it, and then it's just a lot of fun. You don't even have to bring the discs yourself, you can borrow them from the Herzl Hütte! In the meantime, there are not only international championships in this sport, but the Herzl Hütte also organises a disc golf tournament twice a year on the Hochrindl, where it's a lot of fun!

Herzl Hütte

Family Martin, Hochrindl
Disc-Golf Team Hochrindl
Zirbenweg 6, 9571 Sirnitz

+43 664 19 65 660