Just as constantly as the Swiss stone pine grows on the Hochrindl, the Zirbenzapfi adventure trail continues to grow and develop over the years.

Hello! My name is Zirbenzapfi! Would you like to go on a journey of discovery with me on the Zirbezapfi Adventure Trail? I live in the middle of the pine forest on the Hochrindl. The Zirbenzapfi Adventure Trail is now more varied, more fun and more exciting than ever! And your parents? Well, they should come along, of course! It will be a fun experience for them too and will remind them of the time when they were still children themselves.

The starting point of the adventure trail is at the Herzl Hut, where you will get all the information and a map of the trail in advance. Then you accompany me through the picturesque landscape of Hochrindl and I tell you a lot of interesting facts about my homeland. The path now also leads around the reservoir, where you will be rewarded for your ascent with a fantastic panoramic view. Please take your time and walk through nature with your eyes and ears open. Leave enough time at the individual stations and take your time at the inviting spots along the adventure trail.

Path length

ca. 2,2 km

Altitude meters

1.630 m - 1.700 m

Walk time

ca. 1h 30min