When children really want to let off steam, prove their sense of balance or simply play carefree, the two NOCKHOLZ playgrounds are ideal places. The NOCKHOLZ playgrounds are made of untreated larch and stone pine wood from the NOCKHOLZ region.

At the JUFA Hotel Nockberge children have fun with the see-saw, a pole thicket, a nest swing, a slackline and balance elements.

On the way to the Hiasl Zirbenhütte, you pass by carved tree companions, can take part in a puzzle game and then collect the prize at the Hiasl Zirbenhütte. Here is also the 2nd part of the NOCKHOLZ playgrounds.

The children can expect a seesaw beam, a rope pull, bouncy plates, a sand play area, a nest swing and a playhouse to hide in. Then there's a hammock, children's telephone, sun loungers and rocking horse, a ground trampoline and a balancing track. There's also a panoramic terrace with a viewing platform and telescope!