The famous Hemma Pilgrims' Way also leads through the municipal area of Deutsch-Griffen. This trail invites seekers and believers to embark on a journey of around 800 kilometres to find themselves and the Gurk Cathedral as their destination.


Deutsch-Griffen Municipal Office
9572 Deutsch-Griffen 23

+43 4279 7600

Hikes through the natural beauty of Deutsch-Griffen are always special experiences. These lead from the valley floor in the village to the Nockberge mountains (Lattersteig, Wintertaler Nock and Eisenhut) and offer you insights into the scenic beauty of the region. In Deutsch-Griffen, visit the 12th century fortified church of St. James the Elder with its covered staircase (178 steps), the local history museum or the two old water-powered mills.

The village is 4 km away from the main road in a fog-free location and offers unspoilt rural hospitality, peace and relaxation. Around 200 steps lead up to the mighty high altar of the old fortified church. The municipal area itself stretches from the Gurk River to the Carinthian-Styrian border in the eastern Nockberge mountains. Those who hike up this idyllic side valley are rewarded with magical far-reaching views. Preserving intact nature is the municipality's primary goal, and you will feel this with every step you take as you hike along the picturesque paths and trails. Family-friendly establishments, which are managed with an extra portion of cordiality, ensure well-being and the famous Carinthian hospitality. For pleasure hikers, the secluded mill hiking trail in the valley is recommended, but those who want to go high will be rewarded with incomparable Alpine panoramas and summit tours on the Hochrindl.