What does everyday life on a farm really look like? If you want to know, then come and have fun learning about this everyday life and then take the "Matura of a special kind".

During the guided hike along our mountain pasture hiking trail, many interesting facts will be explained to you on the basis of colourful display boards - from the forest ant to the stone pine to the mother cow with calf. You will be amazed at the diversity and beauty of nature in the Nock region and learn new things about the importance of alpine farming and mountain farming and forestry.

The practical exercises of the Almmatura® include

  • Burning or carving stone pine wood
  • Milking our Swiss stone pine cow "Zirbale
  • Nailing
  • Recognising plants and animals
  • Games at the new big Hiasl's Nockholz - playground made of larch and Swiss stone pine with tower, rope pull, seesaw, sand playground, nest swing, hammock, children's telephone, and much more. and much more
  • With sound & vision through the Nockberge mountains - 20-minute 3D nature adventure. Atmospheric presentation of the Nockberge National Park. Breathtaking panoramas, impressive animal footage, colourful flower and landscape shots take you on a journey to the gentle "Nocks"!
  • Taste and recognise our organic specialities such as "Luftgeselchter" bacon, Bündner meat, Hauswürstl, "Glundner" cheese, farmer's butter, farmer's bread, must, "Zirbenkraft"...

This is followed by a "written test" on what you have seen and learned! And at the end we will present you with your well-earned Almmatura® certificate at a proper Matura celebration.